Zorin Themes

Hi guys, I have noticed on here some interesting theme colours/styles and I was wondering if someone can point me in the direction of where you can find different themes and such?

Also, is it possible to configure the OS to a chosen colour beyond the default six choices we have? Would be nice if there was a colour palette to let us choose our own :slight_smile:


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There was an app called oomax, I think, that allowed users to create new colored themes based on an existing theme.

For Third Party Themes, you can search pling.com (gnome-look, xfce-look...).


Thanks, I'll give that a look.

It is worth looking at DeviantArt too. I have considered putting mine there until I finish making my webpage.


gnome-look.org is a good place to browse. Themes, Icons. Bunch of stuff.


Check out my stuff:
Shade of Z icons: Shade of Z - Gnome-look.org
Shade of Z Desktop: Shade of Z - Desktop - pling.com
Royal Z which still is under heavy development: GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS


Thank you!

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Hi guys, this might be a stupid question, so apologies in advance....but, are icon packs desktop-environment dependent? So, an icon set intended for Plasma wouldn't work on Gnome type thing?

I'm still new to the world of Linux so still figuring things out as I go.

Icon sets generally are not desktop-dependent, as long as the index.theme contains all the proper information. It should be rare that you come across an iconset that does not work right based on the desktop.

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