Zorin thinks my keyboard battery is a mouse battery

When my keyboard battery is almost empty, I keep getting a popup saying my mouse is almost out of battery.
Not super annoying but is there a way to fix this?


Are you using Apple peripherals like me?
I have Magic keyboard and Magic Trackpad.
Screenshot from 2021-11-27 16-44-44

If it is a Bluetooth device, you can rename it in Blueman.

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I'm using a logi keyboard for mac and a mouse with an old school battery, both plugged in trough usb


I wonder if there is any way to change the name of USB devices.
I will have a look.


If you cable connect mouse and keyboard, you do not need batteries no? I am bit confused.

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@HanneMaes Wat zijn de productnamen van uw muis en toetsenbord?

What is the product names of you mouse and keyboard?


They are wireless but I have to plug them in with a little USB.

My keyboard is a Logo MX keys and my mouse is a Trust.
The keyboard is recognised by the settings, the mouse not.

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