Zorin torrent

This webside is legal?

Yes, it just helps keep track of Linux Torrents.

There is nothing illegal about torrents themselves. It is the preferred way for a lot of distros to be distributed.

I am not sure if ZorinGroup has an official torrent though. So while it is probably fine I personally wouldn’t trust it.

@Aravisian @337harvey Do they distribute via torrent officially?

No, the ZorinGroup does not currently offer a torrent. What you see on that page is unofficial and it shows given that it links to some outdated information.

I would recommend not using that link to download Zorin OS, as it is possible that it may have been altered by a third party.


They don't put Zorin Pro versions.
That why asking about legal.

I don't use torrents. They're far too risky and can have malware in them.

I have seen a Zorin Pro torrent before, that would be illegal.

In general unless the distro themselves link you to a torrent I wouldn’t recommend it. Because that could have been uploaded by anybody.

There is nothing wrong with torrents themselves. It saves some costs on server bandwidth.

You just need to make sure the source of the torrent is legit.

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They do not offer the pro version, so are in every right to redistribute the free versions. As Aravisian said, the don't post the checksum and the iso of each is not provided by the ZorinGroup, so the source is in question. If you did download it, verify the checksum before using it and don't use it is it doesn't match the official Zorin page.

ALWAYS verify the checksum whenever you download a iso, even if it is from the official ZorinOS website source. That way you will avoid using a defective file for whatever reason.

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I have downloaded from Linuxtracker many times in the pást without problem. I also downloaded Zorin Lite from there very recently, but the checksum didn't match what's currently posted on Zorin.com. I believe that is because Zorin has added minor updates to the ISO file since that torrent was posted.

Many distros offer official torrent downloads and I wish Zorin.com did too. I much prefer torrents to an http download. Http downloads can be interrupted, can overload your connection and don't have checksum verification built-in. Any problem and you have to redownload the whole file all over again with no guarantee the same problems won't happen again.

Bittorrent downloads can resume after interruption, can throttle the download speed (so you can still do other things like web browse), and will check each block (~9mb IIRC) as well as the whole download, so if there's any corruption it will redownload just the corrupted block. And all automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

There have been instances of .iso from third party sources being modified with additional malware as a surprise bonus.
I would never download from a third party source and always test the SHA256 checksum for download validity and verification.

Conclusion is everyone can decide what is best for them, and where you want download a iso.
If you don't afraid risk and checking a sha256 then propably will be ok.
If you thinking this is a risk, better used original servers.
The point is some distributions could be no more exist on distrowatch, and there is a hope find that.

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