Zorin Updater?

I saw some PPA updates this morning around appstream data so I pulled down the Zorin 17 version of the deb file to see what's inside.

I found this nugget. Does this mean we get full upgrade options to Zorin 17 and Pro?

<p>A simple way to upgrade between versions and editions of Zorin OS that allows you to keep your current installation. Simply follow a few quick steps to select your upgrade option and sit back while it upgrades the system for you.</p>
    <p>You can perform upgrades like the following:</p>
      <li>Between major versions, such as Zorin OS 15 → Zorin OS 16.</li>
      <li>Between editions, such as Zorin OS Core → Zorin OS Pro.</li>
    <p>For standard software updates within your current Zorin OS release series, please use the built-in Software Updater app instead.</p>

Yes, the Zorin OS Direct Upgrade option will bring the ability to perform the Do Release Upgrade on Zorin OS.

Note that this is active development and is not deployed as of 7 Jun 2023.


Thanks, @Aravisian. For sure, do not try to install this alpha software on your machine.

I've been creeping the jammy PPA lately to gauge a rough estimate when 17 beta will be available.


I purchased Zorin 16 Pro, and am so happy I did. I am getting back to using Linux more than my Win10 partition. I go there when I want to play Steam Pinball {of which I bought over 150 tables}. Everything else is here that I want. Thank you Zorin!!


Checked again today, we have built in window tiling coming in 17. I'm not sure to what extent though. I'm very much looking forward to this release!


I tested dwm digital window manager. Now hyperland is popular Titus Tech youtuber, doing great job with tutorial and some another youtubers with explanations linux.

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