Zorin Upgrader translations

Help translating Zorin Upgrader into other languages.

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Hello there,

It possible to help other part of system translation? (i would like to help the hungarian one)

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I see. So no any other Zorin specific language translation project?

You mean for software? If so, you can see if accessing the software homepage they have an active community and see if you can help on translating. For example, much of the software that I have is also stored on GitHub and GitLab so I can help on translations there.

@Luca_Pavan I mean like Zorin Appearance. (specific Zorin apps, that not found on ubuntu official translation repos)

You can ask to Zorin team on About - Zorin. I'm not sure about translating Zorin apps, they have been modified compared to the most recent ones. If you read above Contact Us title on that link you can see Zorin OS Apps but I checked it, I don't see translation forms.

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Maybe worth notifying the devs of potential translators via @staff


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