Zorin Virtualbox 7.10 guest - hangs during boot

Running latest version of ZorinOS as a virtualbox VM, host ins Windows 10. Zorin contains VBoxLinux guest additions installed and works fine.

During boot, the VM hangs during the Zorin boot overlay (black screen with pulsing Zorin logo.

If I escape out of the boot overlay right when the BIOS hands off to the OS, Zorin boots fine.

can I disable the boot overlay and if not, anyone else seeing this?

In your Windows OS V.Environment, can you ensure that Hyper V and Fast Boot are disabled?
You can also use the cmd prompt in Windows to run

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Thanks for the suggestion Arav, I went through the whole hyperv debacle a year ago and it's completely uninstalled and not running. FastBoot is disabled.

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Maybe try with the grub parameter splash removed.

thanks Arav, I'll give this a go

Hey Arav, I commented out the splash line in grub conf file and have rebooted a couple times. It's still showing the splash screen however after 2 reboots I've not had to escape out of the splash screen. Hopefully this is the fix, appreciate your help on this!

If you are satisfied that the fix is now permanent, could you go to the post that gave the solution and click the :ballot_box_with_check: Solution check box directly below it. Marking the solution may help others in the future. thanks Zab.

I see a fix was found, but, in case it happens again, you could try with a lower version of virtualbox. I've heard the version 7 has some problems, and using it makes my windows vm hang during start-up too, something that doesn't happen in the version 6 of virtualbox

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