Zorin vs Slackware

Hello. This is some learning how working linux from some terminal? Anyone from you working on this system?

Yes, back in early 90's.
I never managed to install it and I'd rather not to remember :skull:
Endless goose chase after the dependencies. And there is no such thing called Internet back then.


Nope. It was called "sneakernet".


I think there was also AOL equivalent in Japan (where I was around that time). Dial up modem @4800 bps - telephone line is occupied during the connection. Bad ol'days. :scream:

I wonder if you know anything about those couplers...


Modem connection is modern compared to physical data transfer sneakernet, i.e. pass me the floppy disk with the file on please.
Spent days on end of a international modem link transferring software updates at worksite, but was light years quicker than waiting for a tape or removable disk via air courier. 4800bps was quite fast.

What was this this thread about again?


Ah that what it means. Pony express.

I was too young :baby: to experience it myself but there once was such analogue modems widely used.


eh... was not about the modem for sure.


I reading this is most difficult installation distribution more from gentoo. That someone sayed if you installing will be success then any linux will be friendly distribution - that means about no problems with installation. This distribution have 28 years old from 1993. LOL - one person and society. Puppy Linux is some daughter this code?

Ditto was a nightmare. I stuck to 3.1 and worked up to the 95. Running from unix at the time.

Slackware isn't even in the ballpark of Zorin


So you want told me a linux 30 years ago was a nightmare?

You have to imagine - only way to install is in command lines.
There is no internet.
You have to rely on the computer magazine.
Installer must be mail ordered with a cheque.
Unless you have other nerds around you, there is absolutely no one to ask for help.

If you do not call this a nightmare, I do not know what it is.


Heavy and hard time for linux. Yes old time everything was longer and more time spend on this. Yes that must be a hell. Slowly all first a "computer".

My first 286 was close to this and you want to talk about storage ( What is a GB/TB?)


You did have a storage :open_mouth:
What a luxury :moneybag:

Mine has absolutely no internal storage.
The programme had to be read from one 8 inch floppy and the data is stored in another 8 inch floppy.
The unit for them was in kb.

I think @zabadabadoo used punch cards (or was it perforated tapes?)
I wonder which unit is used to count a data on them.

Only place I saw punch cards was at my University when I was taking a course in FORTRAN which I completely forget now :sweat_smile:


had a 8088 processor and 20mb HD everything on floppy (5.25 if my memory serves me right)

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I remember that pc in school. Using windows 3.1 and norton commander near midnight commander on linux. I remember big hard disk noise defragmentation with 40mb and floppy disk 5'25 and 1'44 BASF popular floppy disk and Verbatim.


Awwwwww .... you folks are gonna make me cry .... going down memory lane that way .... in the facility I worked in they had the big old clunky IBM computers when I bought my little ol' Tandy EX ... no internal HD either and only 1 - 5 1/2 floppy and it was a pain switching floppies back and forth ....

Anyway after I got it they brought the IBM department to see the Environmental Services Director new personal computer .... LOL .... I was an envy of the facility as other departments didn't have one .....

Little did they know the only reason I bought one was because they wouldn't give me a secretary and I got sick and tired of making out work scheduled and routines .... LOL

I can relate to that spec and picture of first PC.

I used punch cards on Compter Science course at College to run Fortran and Algol programs as batch jobs overnight the Council mainframe nearby, getting line printer output the next day. Danger was dropping the cards and shuffling the pack on the walk to the computer centre.

Paper tape media was used for many years for many applications, not just loading programs e.g teleprinters. I can't visibly read ASCII codes from tape like I used to though :smiley:

I suspect this thread has forked from the OP.

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