Zorin & Win11

Hi! Im a newbie and about to install Zorin but worried to mess the win11 installation.
I have 2 ssd for Win11 and a new unformated hdd that I want to use exclusive for Zorin.

After booting Zorin with the pendrive, the installation dialog is missing the option "Install Zorin OS alongside..."
I can only select "Erase disk..." and "Something else..."

I was about to go with this last option but Im a bit confusing in creating the right partition as mentioned in the help section.

As I understand, I must create a partition in my Win11 disk even when Im about to use the exclusive unformated disk listed above. Am I right?

Thanks for the help!

Along side of refers installing on the same drive. You can install Zorin directly to the second disk with the something else selection, but you will need format the drive to ext4. The procedure changes if you want to create swap a partition in order to hibernate. Zorin creates a swap file automatically if you don't hibernate.

Depending on the machine you may have to disable secure boot for the installation. I currently dual drive dual boot with Win 11 and Zorin. The Grub menu worked without boot issues, but this is not always the case. If you run into boot issues you can use boot repair from the pendrive. I would read about boot repair and check other information sources about dual drive dual boot with Ubuntu because they are applicable to Zorin.

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Thanks for the advice! I found this post, probably an alternative solution? By selecting "Erase disk and install Zorin OS" on my new unformated hdd.

Can someone confirm?


That is pretty much how installed Zorin on a second drive. I use secure boot and TPM so there were different steps for me. I used no swap and installed the entire drive, so no partitioning.

It's working! Thanks!