Zorin-Windows-App-Support missing dependencies when installing

i am experiencing the exact same problem... reinstalling 16.1 core did not make any difference. any thing else i could try?

Tagging for @AZorin and @zorink to review for the moment...

On all the occasions that users have asked about this issue, I tested along with them by attempting to install Zorin Windows App Support.
It installed on my machine, no problem, on those occasions. We then proceeded with possible troubleshooting like switching to Main Server (which I am on) and trying to install the dependencies.
However, I just tested this now for this thread:

If you are having issues with Zorin windows app support you can try and use bottles it is an amazing flatpak app to run windows apps. It runs in a sandbox environment so it won't affect the host computer (I use it instead of wine)

Just try It and see if it solves your issue with the windows app

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