Zorin with kernel 5.8.x works amazing

I like so much zorin but at lasts version, the performance decrease a litte bit with my lapstops, when i see the news about the kernel 5.8 i tried and works amazing whit some problems at bluetooth but with newer versions of 5.8 the problems resolved


Hi nlared, Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your experience with a higher kernel.

I concur!

I’ve had experiences in the past where a new kernal prevented my OS from booting, so I had to role back the kernal version. This is largely due to the fact that my notebook is much older then anything around today, and new kernals tend to not play well with my 2012 hardware.

But that is why your post is fascinating to me, because you are indicating that a brand new kernal works on your older hardware. I mean, I assume its older hardware, which is why you made the point of mentioning it. Thank you so much for your much needed experience! :grinning: