Zorin won’t boot anymore

Hey team, I have been using Zorin on my Alienware M15 R6 for a couple of months now (dual boot with Win) and I have been loving it.

A few days ago I was trying to control the fan speed of my NVidia card (RTX 3080), which is constantly on even when I have no processes using GPU. When I restarted the machine, Zorin wouldn’t boot anymore - it is stuck to the logo screen. I am not exactly sure what command triggered this dysfunction, but I might have tried some of the commands in this post

I tried recovery mode with the latest kernel (enable networking and dkpg - it removed some packages) but still no luck.

I tried pressing esc when the logo shows up. The only issues were a series of
[FAILED] Failed to start Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness ...

after these messages, it just goes black with a tiny white line on top/left and I can't do anything.

Worth mentioning that the backlight brightness has always been an issue (it doesn't work with Fn keys nor GUI slider).

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Out of the results from search: Search results for 'Stuck boot in:title' - Zorin Forum

I recommend trying this first: Stuck on boot screen ZorinOS 16 - #2 by swarfendor437

Fan always running has happened to me when not using NVIDIA proprietary drivers on my desktop.

The brightness issue I have on one of my laptops that has integrated + NVIDIA but no option in BIOS to turn off one of the GPUs. I haven’t resolved that one. Maybe someone on the forum has resolved their issue on this - you’d have to use the search feature.

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Thanks, friend! Since I've experimented quite a bit I just decided to do a complete reinstall of the system. I took the opportunity to purchase Zorin Pro :+1: to support this great project that I've been greatly enjoying.

With respect to the proprietary NVIDIA drivers, aren't these the ones that are included in Zorin install? Or do I have to download them separately? Sorry, not really pertinent to the topic.

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If you are about to open Software Updater to look for Additional Drivers, Check first that it is pointing to "Main Server" as source, in preferance to a local server.

I will let others advise re your NVidia card (RTX 3080) driver, as I do not have Nvdia graphics.

You’d have to confirm using Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers that the NVIDIA drivers are the ones you’re running on. Yes, NVIDIA drivers are included, but there are also other open source drivers that are also included and you may be running on those.

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