Zoringroup.com being contacted roughly every five minutes?


I'm running AdGuard on my local network, and I noticed that zoringroup.com (note, NOT connectivity.zorin-os.com) is in my access logs roughly every four to five minutes.

Is there telemetry enabled that I can disable somewhere, or is there an explanation for why this is happening? Perhaps auto-update, but that seems pretty aggressive checking if so.

Any ideas? (zorin-os-census is not installed)

I have posted this for the ZorinGroup to review, as they are in the best position to understand and explain it.

Hello @apostoles,
We have looked into this issue but were unable to reproduce it on our systems.
We also checked through all of our code but couldn't find anything that would be pinging zoringroup.com.

Does AdGuard show you what process/program is creating the connection?
If not, could you please try installing Safing Portmaster, specifically the Debian/Ubuntu (.deb) version?

After installing it please open Portmaster from the Zorin Menu and go to the "Network Activity" tab (click the icon as in the red circle below).
Screenshot from 2023-09-15 19-22-52

Please let us know if zoringroup.com shows up in the logs and if so which process is creating the connection.

Afterward, if you no longer need Portmaster you can uninstall it by running the following Terminal command:

sudo apt purge portmaster

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