ZorinOS 16.2 has been changed to Ubuntu 20.04.6

ZorinOS 16.2 has been changed to Ubuntu 20.04.6 when I performed "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y". Is there anything I need to do? I noticed that the base files installed are from the Ubuntu version, not the ZorinOS version. Thanks

I checked and nothing else has changed except for the base-files and software updates. How can I revert back to the ZorinOS 16.2?

Der Panzer, are you on Core or Lite?

What is your output for neofetch or screenfetch?

ZorinOS 16.2 Pro

What is your output of

sudo apt update


I just ran all available updates and rebooted - still shows Zorin OS as the OS name:

Fascinating. Are all of your Zorin Apps in place, like Zorin Appearance and Zorin Settings? Zorin Gnome Extensions?
What is the output of:

cat /etc/lsb-release


Screenshot from 2023-04-09 13-14-13

i think problem in base-files . base-files installed for ubuntu 20.04.6. I will try Reinstall Used Base-files ZorinOS 16.2.

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I am at a loss.
I ran updates, just to see if anything changed on mine. It did not.
Your proper lsb-release should be:


If everything else is in order, you could change it back.

I wonder if a tricky install in the past necessitated changing your release file to Ubuntu in order to let the installer to proceed - but was forgotten about...

normal again after reinstall base-files ZorinOS 16.2.


normal again

Is there any difference between this? I am still confused as to why I am experiencing this issue. :thinking:

Honestly seems like, somehow, you installed base Ubuntu files over your Zorin install. Maybe you were installing something and it overwrote your OS with 20.04.6

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