ZorinOS access to a shared disk in an Apple AirPort Time Capsule station

I’m trying to connect to a shared drive installed in an Apple AirPort Time Capsule 2TB Model A1409 from a MacBookAir with ZorinOS 16.3 and I’m receiving the error message "kFPAuthContinue". The disk is protected with a device password, not with an account password.

From the files navigator in ZorinOS, the Airport disk is readly shown but as soon I try to connect, it asks for a user and a password that I could not find the workaround.

What can I do?

P.S.: from another macBook and from the iPhone, the access to the disk is ok.

i have the same equipment and tried this a little while ago and came to the conclusion that the software inside the airport time capsule only works with apple devices

Thank you very much.

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