ZorinOS Core 64bit download mirror

Hello there!
Is there any other location I can download the ZorinOS Core 64bit from? I only get a download speed of 150KB/s when downloading through SourceForge, however my average download speed is around 5MB/s and I just can’t possibly wait 3 hours for the download to finish. Thank you!

SourceForge can get moments of High Usage; we have all had moments where a download looks like it will take ten hours. Honestly, I would not trust a different source than the vetted one, but fortunately, if you check the sourceforge download at a different time, it almost always has a much better download speed.
In downloading Zorin OS, whenever it said it would take three hours, I cancelled it and did something else for a bit, then checked again and downloaded a copy of the OS in about three minutes.

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