ZorinOS - joining a windows domain

hi all!

When installing zorin, there was an option to also join a windows domain, but i didnt used it. I just ignored it.
However, after finishing installing, i wanna take another look at it...but cant seem to find it anywhere!

I cant find it in system or utilities!

Where is it? Thanks

I haven't read or tried but see if this helps? Zorin is based on Ubuntu.

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I came across Cid tool works well, I tested on fedora, Ubuntu, mint, zorin and other distributions, it's user-friendly, it gives the joining domain process like in Windows, plus you can choose the OU where to put the machine. Here is the link: https://cid-doc.github.io/

  1. Naming the computer using your organisation machine naming convention, same like in Windows.
  2. Configuring valid DNS Servers on your Zorin computer
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:emoraes25/cid
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install cid cid-gtk

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