ZorinOS Lite Thunar Custom Actions - Missing Icons

Is there anyway to activate icons at Custom Actions menu?

PS: I cannot use Shortcuts(for Printscreen i.e) when context menu is opened.

Yes. Please open Settings
Choose the Desktop category
Then, Menus tab
Check the box for "show application icons in menu"

Back to All Settings and click Appearance
Then Settings tab
Under Menus and Buttons, check the boxes for "Show images on buttons" and "show images in menus"

That should do it. I realize I outlined multiple steps- I was trying to be thorough to ensure coverage of all menus to ensure you find the setting you want.

Also; Please Inform me if I have completely misunderstood your question and you are actually asking about a different action altogether.

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It worked!

Thank you very much, it was exactly what i wanted

It was unchecked at Appearance "Show images on menus"
I checked "Show images on buttons" too


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