ZorinOS PC stickers!

Found these little guys on ebay while looking for replacement stickers.. But ended up finding a ZorinOS metallic sticker!

No idea if anyone knew about this but, now you do! There are some other Zorin ones, two pack black / silver, still metallic - but around $16... Three bucks is a nicer price lol

There are also all kinds of other distro stickers for just about anything; I need to grab some Mint stickers as well..

THIS, will absolutely look AWESOME!! :sunglasses: Glad I was able to find that!


That is a great find! I hope the Zorin's don't mind. Maybe they'll work something out with the artist.... since it is trademark infringement.

@staff, go easy on him, please!


They do look awesome.

And unless they have gotten permission, it is a trademark infringement.

But it also can be seen as free advertising.



Well, looks like it's coming out of South Korea; unless there's any Zorin people over there.. might be on to something!

Of course, then so would all the Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, MX, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and countless others available :thinking:

@to all

I think you all have a look here...



@to all

for more Zorin OS look at this link too...



Lots of people are making these, looks like. I prefer the ones I got though, faster shipping :grin:


Trademark infringement would need to directly impact sales (ZorinOS), and I don't see any OS's offered with a purchase of stickers.. Nor do I see any sticker impacting sales of any OS :thinking: But, the sticker would have to directly confuse buyers of the product in question, and impact sales from said company disputing infringement. I always think back to the fall festivals - someone was pushing CD's that were obviously burnt and printed the artwork, and the obviously fake Oakley sunglasses for 10 bucks :laughing: THAT is trademark infringement - and he got busted! I don't know if that could be a comparable situation with the stickers.. (edit) To be more specific on the this - the person, group, or org. providing stickers or goods, would need to explicitly state they are the originating source of said mark, emblem, logo, etc. to be infringing. About Trademark Infringement | USPTO should have what you're looking for. Not that long either, pretty lite. If in doubt, look up the local laws for your area; I guarantee you'll find it!

I would love to see some stickers by the Zorin team - maybe get some in the mail when I purchase 17?? :smiling_face: High hopes!


Sweet, I was just wondering about something like that yesterday when I peeled a Win7 sticker off of a laptop!


Yep! Peel away haha I got two like the one on my iPod, freebies; the other went on my mums old laptop with DreamLinux hehe I wanna get more though.. I need two more for my PlayStations - both PS3 and PS4 I was able to jailbreak. Need to show it off :grin: I have two left, a little Zorin one and a little Mint one. Those are going to my cousin - also a Zorin user! Or, was - not sure what he's running now but, was using Zorin for a while.. Looks legit though! :sunglasses:

Don't forget to rip the tags off your mattress / pillows too! :rofl:

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Alright - got the other two!

MAN, that looks legit!! :sunglasses: Super thin silver plated - and sharp.. very sharp edges lol The 'x' on the Mint one took some skin off my finger when I was rubbing it down :sweat_smile:
But definitely pleased with the results! The Mint one moved when I was rubbing the adhesive down :person_facepalming: so that might be a redo haha I'll wait for it to start lifting and coming off first :grin:


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