2011 iMac DVD not recognizing disks - no autoplay either

2012 iMac + Zorin 17 Pro. Newbie question. :slight_smile:

  • Not sure why (update SOME) DVD's aren't getting recognized by the internal DVD drive.
  • They obviously aren't auto playing ether.
    Thought about looking for installing optional drivers but I don't want to mess anything up. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you.

UPDATE: I threw in another DVD and the system recognized it - but it didn't autoplay in VLC. Is there an automatic way to tell the system to play in VLC when it detects a DVD?

Ummm, I'm an idiot! LOL :rofl: the disk I was trying to read originally was a blue-ray. I still would like to know if there is a way to make a regular DVD run automatic.

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You could try checking in Settings:

Where it says 'DVD video', if VLC isn't in the list - select 'Other Application', select VLC - then try again. But, not sure if that will start the video or not; it will open VLC and be ready at least. :+1:

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Cool... this makes sense. Thanks.

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Changing these settings was exactly what I needed. DVD with the VLC setting, plays automatically and same with Audio, I set to Rhythm box. Thank you!

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No worries! :sunglasses: