3-finger swipe gesture makes Plank icons disappear

I had install Zorin 17 Core (dual boot) on a Macbook 2009.

When I use the 3-finger left/right swipe gesture to switch between workspaces, the Plank icons disappear.

Is this happening only with me using a Macbook?

If I switch between workspaces by scrolling over the top panel, using this extension, the problem doesn't occur.

Do you use Dash To Dock or Dash To Plank?

Dash to Plank

Do you tried if this happens too when You use Das To Dock?
And for Dash to Plank: Is there in the Settings no Point that it is shown on every Workspace?

If I remember right @Storm use Dash To Plank too. Maybe he could give better Advices to that.

I'm at Budgie DE at the moment, so I can't test it.

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Yes. It doesn't happen using Dash To Dock.

It's already showing on every workspace.

I want to know if it's a problem with Zorin 17/Gnome or only with my laptop.


No problem, @Storm :+1:

I would say it is a Bug because the Action with the Swiping itself works. Or is there any Problem with that?

I think so.
No, there isn't.

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Okay, then I would assume that it is a Bug. But if this is from Gnome or Zorin ... I don't know.
A Posibility to try it would be Debian 12. It comes with Gnome 43, too. So, theoretically when You would try it there and You have the same Problem it could be a Bug in Gnome. If not, it could be a Problem with Zorin. But this is all an Assumption from me.

I suppose it's a bug with Zorin/Gnome running on my Macbook.

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Anything here help? How To Fix Three Finger Gestures Not Working in Ubuntu 22.04LTS | DeviceTests

e.g. touchpad driver update.

EDIT: On Z17Core are you using basic gestures or added the "Gesture Improvements” extension available?

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