A lot of question - beginner at this. Please help!


I am a beginner at this with linux and have some questions.

  • How do I format my external hard drive to btrfs format?
  • How do I access the external hard drive from the terminal?
  • In some programs such as shotcut, the external hard drive is not available as an option when I save. Why? ... can it be arranged?
  • I need a window manager (a simple one), any suggestions?
  • And finally! I'm a youtuber and need a movie editor that works! I have tried kdenlive and shotcut, but in both programs the movie "hacks" when I play it ... Why? Do you have any suggestions for an editor that can work better? Before I switched from macOs to linux, I edited in Filmora and this was never a problem!

Would be so grateful for answers!
/ Stefan

This guide may be helpful in installing Zorin in BRTFS. Zorin 16 is built from Ubuntu 20.04.

To access the external harddrive from terminal, usually, you need only CD into it; the path would follow from /media.
If it must be mounted first:

When you say you need a simple window manager, I am not sure what your needs are. Zorin OS Lite comes with XFCE4 which uses a straightforward Window Manager (XFWM4). There is also Openbox, AwesomeWM and so on... All of which are Quite Simple. You may find that installing XFCE4 on Zorin 16 (current build) may serve your needs, or you can install some of the other simple and lightweight Window Managers available on Zorin OS 16 just as easily.
You can install XFCE with

sudo apt install xfce4

This may be necessary for some that want numlock on at login screen (It comes installed with Zorin OS Lite, but Zorin 16 Lite will not be released until much later this year):

I have no relevant experience in Video Editing to make any recommendations that are worth anything. Perhaps others can chime in here.

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