A path upgrade

Does the Developer-Team working on a path upgrade like in Ubuntu
do-release-upgrade so that you can stop making a clean install with USB everytime a new version of Zorin OS is released because that is very tiresome :frowning: ??

It will come later this year. I can't find the source of that information, but it was on twitter.

@Storm Okay thanks for the answer do you know the date it will come or will it be available on Zorin 15.3 or do i have to update to Zorin 16.0 to get access to it?

No date have been announced, but my guess (and it's only a guess) it will be the same time when lite and lite Pro gets released. It have high priority as they said.
It will be available for Z15 so you can upgrade to Z16, but if you go Pro you need to do a clean install.

@Storm I have Zorin OS Lite?

Core uses Gnome DE and Lite uses XFCE, which one do you have?

You can install neofetch to get the information in a fashion way.

sudo apt install neofetch


FYI. Devs mentioned "direct upgrade patch" in second part of this post.

What does it mean:
"It appears that you may have altered the base repositories or modified a system configuration file to unofficially enable release upgrades. We would strongly recommended against performing this upgrade as it's likely to break the system. "

Does they advice to not to upgrade the system until the Path has been established?

AZorin was addressing a specific member that had a Changed File on his system. You can update your system safely and normally.
You will be able to upgrade using the Direct Upgrade Option only when the Zorin Group announces its release. Until then, your system files are set to not perform the System Direct Upgrade - so even running your normal updates or running "sudo apt upgrade" in terminal is safe and will not break your system.

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I was just indicating to @Storm the post he was trying to find.

I did say in the second part of that post. i.e.