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Zorin is THE BEST Linux distribution, I think we can all agree on that. However, there is one issue that takes away from the user experience that is included in many modern operating systems: FIRST TIME SETUP ASSISTANT! Major companies have already included this in their system such as macOS, Windows and a Linux Distro: Pop!_OS. You simply boot up the computer after install then it will show a setup screen for the first user. DO NOT include the user setup in the installation. This would be incredibly useful for installing on a friend’s computer for instance. Ultimately, Zorin could grow into a very big company if they are able to ship computers pre-installed with Zorin OS, similar to system76, if the could just add this feature. Zorin has everything: A familiar desktop, modern features, as well as a great UI and UX. This one feature will just polish it off.

Thanks for your consideration and I hope you take this suggestion :smile:


Starlabs offers pre-installed Zorin OS on their machines.

But yes, I have seen many other distros offer that First Time set up. Mint and Manjaro do, as well.
I think yours is a good and welcome suggestion. But my own opinion was that the First time setup always was just an annoyance I could not get out of my way fast enough.
And I think that is a case of just- People are different. On Zorin, I think you are right that it would be a welcome feature to most- If it offers a guide on how to adjust settings for example…
And grouchy ol’ people like me can handle closing it out.:wink:


Yeah! Mint and Manjaro do have a welcome screen but I’m talking about a setup kind of thing, here’s an example of what I’m talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCH-Ua_pwDo
(Watch from 4:50 then see what happens on the first boot)

Notice how the user setup is not during the installation

I’d really like to see this on Zorin :smile:

Based on that video, some of the setup, like time zone setup, is shifted to after the boot. Seems like the total time you spend on it is still the same, no? I don’t see the net benefit but maybe I am missing something.
To quote Aravisian, people are different.

The benefit is to install then possibly give it to someone else to use so they can set it up and make it their own without the usb plugged in. Ya know what I mean? More user friendly.

Edit:Its not only the time zone its also the dark and light mode as well as the super user setup itself.

Would be nice to have an oem style installer. Leave the user setup till after installation so you can pass the laptop/PC onto somebody else who then sets up the account and settings.

Can you clarify? What do you mean by an OEM installer? (In my line of work, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

I see. Thanks for clarifying.

I can’t speak for anyone else, so this is just a guess on my end - the multiple installation options likely preclude the need for that. I think (again, just my guess) that Zorin was meant to be marketed as being simple for anyone to install (the first two install options), yet with sufficient customizability (the “something else” option). So, people would be comfortable enough to do the whole setup by themselves (user-friendly) and customize their own machine during the setup.

Ubuntu has had a similar feature for a while:

Heres what the website says

End User’s First Boot

Once the computer was shipped to the end user and he finally boots for the first time they will be taken to the system setup wizard where they will be able to set their location, keyboard layout, user name etc. ##

That is Ubiquity, which is the same installer that Zorin uses. And you may recall setting your location, keyboard, username etc. up on Zorin during the installation.

well i actually install linux on computers basically everyday