Account logs out automatically

Hi there,

I've been noticing for a while an issue that has become too annoying to ignore.

When I leave my computer for a few minutes the screen dims and the computer locks itself. However, sometimes, it also logs me out from my account. This is problematic because I then have to re-launch all my programs and reload any open tabs on the browser.

From the screenshot you can see that I have enabled "Automatic Suspend" but so far I've never had any issues when putting the computer into suspend mode manually (by running suspend on the terminal).

Note, a few weeks ago I followed this thread (now separated into its own) to disable suspend mode when I close the laptop lid. But I've already tried reverting these changes and issue persists.

What can I do to fix or diagnose this? Thanks!

Disable "Lock on Sleep."
This is a Powersave feature and a Security feature in one.
From the Settings app (Pro or Core), navigate to the Privacy tab.
Then to Screen Lock.

That doesn't seem to do anything. I've just tried setting 1 minute timer and disabling both "Automatic Suspend" on Power Settings and "Automatic Screen Lock" on Privacy > Screen Lock.

This may be a coincidence, but it only happened when I had Firefox opened. I'm not sure about the other times but I'll try to pay attention to this and I'll record a video.

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This is weird: when I open the menu and click on the "Lock" button it will do exactly that, lock the screen and that's it. I can enter my password and resume my work as expected.

But when I press Super + L it will log me out from my account, same as if I just leave my computer alone for a few minutes as described in the first post.

I have already checked that no settings are enabled to either suspend nor lock the computer automatically when the screen is blank :thinking: There must be a file somewhere where I can see what the actual values are?

I still have to record that video to demonstrate what happens I'll try to do that later today.