Prevent notebook from sleep on lid close

I have added a new entry at the bottom of the file, instead of overwriting any options, and everything is working correctly. However I'd like to customize this a bit further:

  1. How can I prevent the laptop from going to sleep when I close the lid? Basically I want to explicitly put it to sleep with a command, either in form of a GUI or keyboard shortcut. Which leads me to the next two questions...
  • a) How can I add a sleep/suspend button on the main menu, where the Log Out, Lock ... buttons are?

  • b) How can I add a keyboard shortcut to put it to sleep? If the previous option is not possible I'd be ok with at least having this, similar to how you can lock your machine with Super + L.


Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

systemctl suspend

systemctl sleep

Uh... You know... I am not sure... I use Whiskermenu (Zorin Lite) and on Cinnamon, Stark Menu and Cinnamenu...

Why not try out the Arc Menu on Zorin Core?

Oh, that was much easier than expected :smiley:

As long as I can at least use a quick keyboard shortcut I'm happy with this, so no need to change the menu. Out of curiosity, which menu is being used in Zorin Core (I assume is the same in Pro as well?), I'm not sure who to check this one.

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It is a version of Arc Menu by Graeme Gott.
The current latest Arc Menu is a bit different and has more right click configuration options - I think it is under a different maintainer these days...

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That would be very useful to have I think, do you know if there are any plans to "upgrade" the menu in future versions of ZorinOS?

I noticed that currently there's a "Main Menu" program that can be used to modify the options available. But is not very clear how to use it, for example gufw is enabled here (by default) but I can't actually find it anywhere in the menu.

But that's a whole other topic already. In any case, thanks for the help with the suspend setup. It probably merits it's own "how-to" post in the tutorials section?

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I do not... The ZorinGroup chose the Menu Design in order to most closely resemble Windows Start Menu, adding Familiarity to the newcomer.
Once a newcomer has settled in... They can explore the many Menu options available. Zorin OS cannot include every menu and I believe their aim is in simplicity.
Here on the forum, we can have at it; recommending all sorts of things to try - which is part of what adds enjoyment to Linux: Discovering the Open World of things to explore.

I ensure that I have Menulibre and Alacarte installed - since what one cannot do, the other can.
The Main Menu Editor tool is Menulibre.
As far as GUFW: The ZorinGroup included this in the Settings on Zorin OS Core, rather than as a standalone application.
Even though it is "gnome-control-center", it is the Zorin Repo Control Center and different from the one you would get in Ubuntu. One of those many cases of Zorin not being re-skinned Ubuntu.
If you go to Settings > Network, you should see a button: "Firewall Configuration."

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