Adding new applications to the startup applications list


I am trying to add a new application to the list of startup applications.

I go to the Startup Applications Preferences application:

I click on "Add" and I'm prompted to browse for the app's file. In Windows I'd give the path to the executable file of the app.
"On Linux nearly any file can be executable. The file ending just describes (but not necessarily) what or how a file is executed."
I am confused what I should do here:
Screenshot from 2021-08-27 13-49-59

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I think this question has been already asked and answered:


From a new Zorin OS user coming from Debian Gnome perspective, I'd say that's the only thing so far I feel backward.

The Gnome Tweak Tool offers an "startup applications management" system much more user friendly and easy :
(15 Ways to Customize Your Desktop with the GNOME Tweak Tool) .

Hopefully, it will come to Zorin OS in a near future.


On Linux Mint they also have a friendly way to handle startup application if I remember well...