Adobe Master Collection CS6

The age old Linux there a solution out there!!

I have Adobe Master Collection CS6 for Windows and have the serial code. I wisely bought it when it was still available so I didn't have to surrender to the Adobe Subscription.

I used it a lot in Windows, but now I am using Linux and in this case Zorin for privacy purposes I am badly missing it.

Can someone please help me find a way to get this working on Zorin? Is there any way to get the whole suite working? As a minimum I need Fireworks.

Will be eternally grateful!

On Zorin, in the applications menu, there should be a program called "Windows app support": click on it to install it (if there isn't, open the software store and search for it there). It will install Wine, which, in short words, lets you run some windows programs on linux.

Don't worry if the progress bar seems to be stuck on "Preparing...", as long as you were asked about your password after pressing the install button it is installing in the background, so just wait for it to finish.

When it finishes, open the .exe file and install it like you would on windows, and after that it will be located in the windows/wine section of the start menu and be ready to be used.

Last time someone tested it and submited it to the compatibility database was with a version from 4 years ago and it was marked as usable with minor bugs (silver rating), so I'm guessing it should run just as good as it does on windows with little to no problems at all with how much has wine improved in that time.

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I dont see Windows App Support nor Wine....although Wine does appear to be installed...

and this is what I get when I try to install the .exe file:

For a prog like that to get a result/working properly I would use it in a windows VM.
That is given the resources.

yes its an option, but I just hate VMs, if there is a way to get it running natively on linux then I'd love to see if I can make that happen. The accounts from some of those on WineHQ seems promising! but I've not had the same luck so far and am wondering what Im missing...

In Software Store have you searched for "Windows App Support"?

Through Wine it will not be running natively. Some small problems may occur. Some time ago, I managed to run a portable version of Photoshop CS6. It worked well overall. The biggest problem was the hints (tips displayed when hovering the mouse) that didn't leave the screen. Even minimizing and restoring they were still there.

I didn't use it to see if there were other problems. Photopea + Krita substitute Photoshop well for me.

My suggestion would be to look in specific forums about Wine for tips on how to configure for CS6 specifically.

I believe that you will have to use Bottles to create the necessary environment, with the dlls, and other dependencies.

My take on this is a windows prog is specifically designed for windows.
An emulator will never cut the mustard 100%.

WINE stands for Wine Is No Emulator. It might run better if you have Crossover from Codeweavers, the comnercial arm of the WINE developers. You get a free trial which lasts for 2 weeks.

Crossover peaks my interest. I haven't tried it and realise it is a paid for prog.
Just wondered if it runs microsoft office ok.

It depends on which version, but certainly not Office 2021. I personally believe that SoftMaker Office 2024 Pro is far superior to any Office Suite MS has to offer. My workflow working from home until I retired was far better than MS Office. Even their ribbon is better thought out.

Thanks for the info.