Advantages of zorin/Ubuntu over macos

Advantages of zorin/Ubuntu laptop over macbook air ?

Really depends on what you want in your OS.

I am a student I want to take notes,save files,make projects,coding,homework,songs,movies and browse (a lot).

According to the Zorin brothers, your supposed to be able to do all of that with their OS. Just have a look at their home page...

Yuppp..what if starts showing problems just like it does on my pc.
My pc is old, amd fx 6300 is my processor. I used linux(different distros) for more than 2 years now but outof these 2 years very few days were problem free almost everyday there used to be a problem, sometimes screen flickering, sometimes boot failures, kernel problems, software update problems,volume problem,etc.
I guess If I total I have spent more than a year of my time fixing these problems. Tho I know I learnt a lot from it,but in college you have to learn, be productive in a limited time.

I have to do all that in a span of 4 years.
Since this is first time I am buying new laptop I don't want my operating system constantly crashing or being unstable.

Usually windows becomes unstable after a year of use and I have experienced that and it is very frustrating, I have seen linux do the same a lot. So until linux is as stable as a Mac I guess it won't work for me.

Features do not matter untill it is stable.
Zorin supports new features, but is it stable?
Because at last an operating system is just just something what can run your application better and stable.

You could say that MAC offers the best stability, while Linux offers the best flexibility, while Windows offers you a data vacuum to infinity.

Flexibilty of linux can actually just be used for 3 things

  1. customizing looks
  2. downloading third party illegal apps or files
  3. pentesting,etc.

But all this doesn't matter if it isn't stable.
If linux is gonna crash on me after a year or so why should I trust it.

Suppose I have to do an assignment on Google docs,which I have to submit day after and suddenly zorin crashes, this is likely to happen with zorin(linux) or windows but rarely happens with mac( even if it happens a simple restart will fix it).
As a student my priorities change pro users generally have time to fix things but as a student my priority is my studies.

So, do you think zorin would crash on me after some time( like it happens with my pc)?
Please answer with your experience in new hardware.

You make some solid points. But just keep in mind, to gain that stability that you seek, you are going to pay a lot for it. Your average Macbook Pro is going to cost you 2 thousand in US dollars in America. The new M1, which is lately being considered as they real PRO Macbook PRO, they are quite expensive as well.

Part of what makes Linux flexible is that it gives you the choice to use what operating system you want, cause you see, there are choices with Linux. You are not tied to a corporate philosophy in a product.

If stability is your main concern, as a student, MAC does kind of make sense. But please understand, I am not hear to push you one direction or the other. Ultimately, it is your choice to go with what you want to go with.

I am simply stating, I understand your position, and I understand whatever choice that you make in the end. You got to do what is right for you.

If zorin can give even a little stability like mac ( supposingly it won't crash on me for like 80% time) I guess then I won't waste my money on a Mac. Generally in india a macbook air comes for $ 1100 and a good windows laptop comes from $900-$1000.

Look I love zorin in these 2 years I was just in love since I could do almost everything a Mac can for almost free and doesn't like free things🤷🏻‍♂️.

For a student or even for an office worker stability matters no one's wants their machine to crash or hang during a presentation I guess that's why companies buy Mac's instead of windows.

Yes Macbook Air's are like Mac's thin and lights, they don't cost as much. I was talking about their more powerful machines, the Macbook Pro's, they cost more, and are good at production work.

But I agree, if your using a computer for school work, the Macbook Air is probably more then powerful enough for what you need. BTW, can I just say, I am really proud of you for getting a higher level of education, your pretty stellar! :star2:

Well thank you but I guess we are not living in the 1850s were education was just something like a hobby in the 21st century it is more of a necessity

Thanks by the way :hugs:

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As the name suggests pro is for pro users who want everything and have dollars to loose. But I guess I am neither a pro nor that rich :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, even buying the cheapest macbook is kinda like a challenge.

Only thing I am thinking of buying a Mac is 'cause of mac os if it wouldn't be that stable I guess I would stick to zorin.

Some of the issues you describe can sometimes be attributed to dirt or dust coating the electronic components. I have refurbished a number of "dead" or "unstable" laptops and computers that were very dirty internally often with blocked cooling systems. After cleaning they were stable, fast and problem free under Linux (I prefer Mint and Zorin Xfce distros because they just work).
I have been using Linux for over 10 years and have found it to be very stable and mostly trouble free. Usually the biggest issues have been related to video drivers and WiFi but I've found that the Xfce distros have the least issues.
Just my 2 cents worth.

zorin 16 pro comes with gnome distro, usually i clean my system at least twice a month, my cooling system is good but due to amd fx series cpu it gets hot.

i bought a new ssd for my pc like 3-4 months ago and suddenly one day it was booting because my bios wasn't able to read my ssd tho disk health was ok.i know this might be my mother board failing, but there no physical damage to my mother board it looks just like new. all the semiconductors are good, ports are fine,even ram and gpu slots are like brand new.

linux is known to be more stable on older hardware than on new hardware, but on old hardware zorin failed several times like mic issue ,software updater issue(Fyi this issue persisted in every linux distro i tried ), keyboard and mouse issue,apps suddenly disappearing ,etc. i know all these issues get solved but it requires too much time to fix it all.

on new cpu's like i5 11th gen or ryzen 5 5th gen, it is reported that the wifi cards do not work even the bluetooth has some problem,in some laptops keyboard or trackpad doesn't work(very few).
i know with cons linux has strong pros,it is actually more stable than windows but actually it still hangs and crashes.

i have never used macs but it is known to be the most stable one it rarely lags and crashing is like far away, generally lagging starts after 3 years of continuous usage and generally doesn't crash even after 5 years. mostly it crashes only due to more ram usage.

i want all your guidance so that i can buy the machine for me, so i don't think your opinion is "cents worth" actually it might help me a lot in making one of the critical dicissions of my life.

It is exceptionally rare that Zorin OS ever crashes on me.
Any OS may crash and hardware may fail; that is a risk you take.

The expression; "You get what you pay for" is well worth paying attention to.
However, it also does not always apply.
IF you are already experiencing crashes; then we have an idea something is going on in your case. If not, if everything has been running fine; then you need worry about it no more than on any other OS. Back up Often.

What hardware do you use ?
Do you use zorin as your daily driver?
Have you ever used Mac?

Hardware: Pretty lowend stuff. Acer Aspire i3 4thgen, 16 gigs RAM (Because I added more) and intel graphics.
Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 for sound and I have never had any sound issues at all. To @zabadabadoo 's relief.

I use Zorin OS as my only OS on multiple machines.

The last time I used a Mac was Macintosh Computer back in the 1990's as a little kid. I do not remember much of it other than it was fun.:wink:

But then can you say that zorin can be as stable as mac? Or even workable.

Actually I am also talking about little tweaks and turns we make. Like updating software problems and all.

If it works so good for you why normal things like software updating,etc doesn't work for me.

Now my main decision of switching or not may be based on things like what softwares my college uses and can I survive with Google docs or not. But still stability and beauty is on mac. I tried a lot but could never make zorin that beautiful and neat(still I love zorin).

What do you usually do on your laptop?
Like do you do pro stuff on it, like using VM's, video editing, audio editing, coding, gaming, etc(tho I know it's hard to do pro stuff on an i3). ?

I cannot without a common frame of Reference with Mac.
I can only say that in my experience, I have found Zorin OS to very rarely crash and the few times it did- I caused it.

Some users do experience problems after an update.
Please keep in mind that the Majority of users, by far, do not. We see a couple posts after a system update goes through. Compared to the number of Zorin OS users, it comes out to 0.00001%. I wish Lottery Tickets had those kinds of odds.

I may need to go to your profile and peruse your past threads.

SQL, data, charts, tool and auto parts lookup, cataloging and selling, buying.
Graphical design, modeling and 3D demonstrations for showing how a customization to a vehicle will look.
Graphical design of icon sets and themes.

I wish I had time for gaming.:expressionless:
That said, most everything works quite fast. I can run two instances of Blender with 10 gimp instances running without any lag.
I am also using XFCE, not Gnome...
Who knows how it would perform on a Good Computer...

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The 7 Year-policy of Apple Hardware Support.

Buy a new Mac, and you are able to install a new OS for 6 to 7 years and after that you have 2 years update of the last OS an than you have to buy a new mac.

I run Linux on a 10 year old MacBook Pro.