After install of Zorin Lite 15.3 the notebook not boot in ZorinOS

After power on the Acer ASPIRE ONE notebook (1,5 GB RAM and 8 GB SSD) show the bios boot screen and then the screen is turn to a blank screen and a curser (no mouse icon) is blinking upper left corner. No disk activities.

The Live Zorin Lite 15.3 boot up on and all works, internet and the install using the desktop icon was run without error.

UPDATE: The notebook also have a 64 GB SD installed under and after the installation.

Welcome, bom.
Can you please try the instructions here (Aravisian’s first post on that thread) and let us know if that works?

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Hold the left shift key down on the PC I are working with do not boot to enter into Recovery Mode. The notebook just beep.

Aravisian also wrote, “For some, it is stabbing the esc key that works.”
Can you try that?
By “stabbing” he means “tapping”. Do not hold down the ESC key, just tap it repeatedly.

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I have now try tapping esc after power on. I have try many power on + esc cycles.
Still blank screen.
Again: When boot from the Live USB the PC boot. Esc show the boot log.
Thanks for you support.

  • Windows memory test from Hiren’s BootCD: All 6 test pass.
  • Check Zorin installation medium for defects, run on the same computer where the installation is not work: No error found.
  • System bios: v0.3109
  • VGA bios version: Intel V1585

You might try booting from SuperGrub as a media boot:

Repair grub and then reboot to access Zorin OS.

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It is not possible to install ZorinOS i386 to this computer on the 8GB SSD Saci(?) disk. I have installed on a USB flash disk.

Only Zorin OS 15 LITE is available for i386. Yes, 8 gigabytes is too small for a full installation. However, you have a 64 gigabyte drive installed?

Sorry for the late replay.

Yes, the installer say that 8 GB is to small. It say that I have 8.1 GB and need 8.6. (The system requirements for i386 Lite say 8 GB.)

When I insert a 64 GB SD formatted as exFat card and keep the 8 GB SSD the installer make it possible to choose to install to the 64 GB SD card or to the 8 GB SSD after yes to unmount the SD card

If the 8 GB SSD is selected and the disk is without any partitions before installation start then the installation end up with at fatal grub error.

If the SSD is selected and the SSD disk have a Linux installation (Linpus) before the installation start then the installation complete and it is possible to boot ZorinOS from the 8 GB disk but only using Super Grub2 Disk, navigate to a list of boot options.

So, yes and no to 8 GB is to small.

I would actually call it a ‘direct yes’ that 8gig is too small. This is because if you get the OS to install to it, it allows no room for installations and updates as well as data.

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