[SOLVED] Black screen after install

Carmar, good to see you moved over here.
Could you please Hold the left shift key down on the Asus PC you are working with during boot to enter into Recovery Mode?
For some, it is stabbing the esc key that works.

You should see a menu that says

  • Zorin
  • Advanced options for Zorin
  • Memorytest

Press the "e" key at this point. It should bring up a terminal text editor for grub.

Read down the print until you see

ro quiet splash

Replace that "ro quiet splash" with

nomodeset quiet splash

This is a Temporary change to grub that will work for this boot up only.
Hit ctrl+x to exit, select "y" to save (I am going off memory here... You may not need to hit "y" at this point)... and continue to boot up.
If this successfully boots up your machine allowing you to see the screen normally (or at least near normally, you may get lower resolution) then it gives us a good idea of what the next step should be.
Assuming it has; update your sources list from terminal first

sudo apt-get update

Then, upgrade to the latest version or Zorin with all updates

sudo apt upgrade

The above may do the trick but, as an additional step you may try checking the Nvidea graphics drivers anyway:

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Once the above is complete, remember, the grub setting of nomodeset was Temporary. Reboot and see what changes. If you are still getting a blank screen, repeat the steps above to 'nomodeset' to get back into your screen and if you like, you can update the grub to permanently set to 'nomodeset' to get the machine working while we continue to troubleshoot.