After installation nothing posts on screen when turned on

We need the output of the last command to see if the vesa driver is blacklisted.

Seems okay. The vesafb is not blacklisted the Radeonfb is. I'm not sure what else to do other than than using an older kernel on Zorin OS which require net connection. Can you try Zorin 15 and see if it works?

What could possibly be the reason for the screen to not even turn on atleast bios screen should be shown right?

I'm not sure. Have you disabled fast boot and/or secure boot in BIOS before installin Zorin?

I have no such options in bios so it's all turned off I guess

It most be before all that came standard.
When you boot up can you hit the button to get into BIOS even though it doesn't give you the BIOS/Brand screen?

Yes I can get to bios but it's an old computer there are no options like fast boot just Intel virtualization and one another option which is not fastboot :upside_down_face:

BTW thanking you for helping me here

Are there any settings for video card?

None there is no options like that

No problem, but I'm a bit lost what's wrong. Nvidia cards is my game. Not old Radeon cards :wink:

So do you think if I switch to some other Linux OS I can fix this issue?

@Aravisian do you have any ideas?

I would try Zorin 15 and see if it works with older kernel.

Or even windows

Oh alright ok then we will wait for the guy you tagged then right

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Right, some pair of new eyes would be good.

Thanks buddy I appreciate everything you have done

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No problem. There may go some hours before @Aravisian shows up. He live in America and usually online when it's night in Europe.

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