After unplugged my usb zorin disappears

hey im new i follow the steps to instal zorin on my acer swift touch pc everting works fine nice operation system i love it but after unpluck my usb or restart my laptop its calls no bootable device found and after i put usb back zorin pop up can anyone help my out of this trouble thnx

Gday @osmn , Welcome to the community !

Are you sure your "Installed" & not just "Try"?
If you Installed, you may have to reset your priority boot device in, BIOS/UEFI.

Are your Dual booting or just a clean install?
Which Zorin OS are you installing? Core or Lite?
Can you tell us the Spec's of your machine Please.?
SSD/HDD size:

Or just model if your unsure . Thank you.

Hope this may help.
Keep us informed.


i have activated uefi bios ubuntu file from boot tab.
Now I can indeed access without usb.
but still i can't get in.
intel(r)atom cpu z3735f 1.33ghz
system bios v1.06
aspire sw5-012
I get a black screen asking for password and login name
im try to run ziron light version

sorry guys im really stupid whit work on pc or about software but i put also link maybe it will tell more about my problem

i did step by step :sob:

pls help my sir :sneezing_face:

Can you please attach photos or screenshots to your post using the "Upload" tool (7th from left) in the Reply box toolbar. Some people avoid clicking external photo links.

As Ocka asked. Are you intending to dual-boot Zorin alongside another OS?

Also maybe worth a look at this advice: Before you install

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i try but calls picture size to big i cant put anyting i try also resize still not uploading sorry :sneezing_face:

only this one accepted

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Try disabling fast boot in BIOS.
Also is this Dual boot or just Zorin Lite only?

That looks like you have keyboard numeric pad activated.
We have seen that a few times before. I will have a search.

EDIT. See this: Laptop keyboard map change - #56 by Bicyu

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Gday @osmn
Glad to hear you fixed the issue.

Could you please 'Mark' the post that helped as "Solution". Post #3.

This lets Others know they can find a solution here that may help them.

Solution pic

Thank you.
Zorin Forum Community.

I don't know why you have marked your last post to the solution, When the topic is about "Zorin not booting after install"

I see this suggestion to help other user's would be more appropriate.

It's not helpful to other's to see this as the solution,
People will not bother ready the rest of the Topic.

So now your telling anyone that looks at this solution that.
Not just that they have to set the priority boot device back to the correct drive.
They also need to disable secure options ( what every you mean by that), & they have to "Delete the BIOS password"?
( this is not correct or needed for several reasons.)

no when you hold keeping pasword in bios it wil secure your boot options that means you cant run zorin btw thats what happens by me

did i mark the wrong post u call early to mark post number 3 for helping ppl out like my .
i need to figure out how it works here on site sorry

BIOS password has nothing to do with the Topic nor Does it prevent installing Zorin, or Zorin running after installation,
Also if your computer allowed Zorin to install, with secure boot enabled, then disabling it after installation will not change or effect Zorin from booting.

The solution was that you needed to reset your BIOS boot priority.

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okey you will be right i will delete the post for miss standing thanks helping my out of trouble Kind regards

Please remember "All" Topics, help/advice is, also helping other's with the same issue. Not just the Original Poster (OP).

I don't know why you deleted your posts #9 and #11. :thinking:

You could still reply to confirm (as you did before deleting your post #11) that my post helped with the numeric keypad issue.

However, the numeric pad issue was only secondary to your original zorin disappears issue, so the answer to that should not be marked as solution to your OP.

I thought the Solution to the OP was in your post #9, which you also deleted for no reason.

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