Age of Wonders 4 - Must have game

I'm looking at you @Frog , time to be a dragon and drop fishing game :smiley:

I made a ~5min. video of character creation in AOW4 to show you how to be a dragon :slight_smile:


Do you have that running ok on linux?

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yup, only thing I changed was the command for launching the game, which a wrote a little guide to: [HowTo] Play Age of Wonders 4 on Steam


Being a dragon in that game is EPIC! I can't wait to be a dragon and leave that fishing game behind, haha! Your character creation video be awesome, and I'm thrilled to see how to unleash my inner dragon. It was insanely fun and brought a whole new level of excitement to the game.

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Just got the Primal Fury DLC.

Here's my Goatkin with thunder crow totem.
I tried to make him look like me in real life :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since I posted last time - there has been some DLCs released.

This is my Findus character/race (cat people):

And my evil anti-hero guy: