Alternate Menu Icons

I'm not the biggest fan of the Zorin hexagon logo, particularly the small one in the top bar with the Mac OS layout. On the taskbar it looks OK but the it's a bit too angular and harsh when scaled down. I made a couple alternate ones that are more rounded that I think fit a little better with the default theme. There are 2 versions, a solid and an "inverted" one which can be copied into the Zorin Menu extension folder.

Backup the default icon first:
cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
sudo cp zorin-icon-symbolic.svg zorin-icon-symbolic-orig.svg

Copy one of the alternates to the extension folder (assuming it is in your user Pictures folder):
sudo cp ~/Pictures/zorin-icon-symbolic-solid.svg zorin-icon-symbolic.svg
sudo cp ~/Pictures/zorin-icon-symbolic-inverted.svg zorin-icon-symbolic.svg

Restart Gnome:
Alt + F2, type r, then Enter

Alternatively, you can use a different menu extension which often has options for a custom icon. Would be nice if the built-in Zorin menu had this as well.



These are snappy. I also have customized the Zorin Icon on my own machine, creating ones that have shadow and depth.
I snagged a copy of yours. Thanks for posting those so others can enjoy them.

I really liked your "solid" version of the logo, thx!

Also, I'm a bit of a newbie, could you please walk me through your codes / upload some screen prints on how to change the logo? I browsed a whole lot but didn't figure it out yet.

I'm running Zorin OS Lite as of now, trying to learn more about the linux ecossystem :laughing:

Edit: found one that worked for me. I initially searched xfce forums, but turns out the zorinos forum is just really complete. Thanks for reading! Here's the link: Is there a way to change the Zorin start menu emblem?

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