Alternative characters key problem

Plus sign -> Russian, I also couldn't find any information about typing in Russian.

But you did install this keyboard layout, right?

Yes, I did

Do you have any language indicator on your taskbar?
Mine is showing small "EN" or "あ" depends on the mode I am in.

Yes, I have

I think you need to have this 3rd keyboard layout showing here.
I wonder if it is easier to do it in FCITX.
I will ask @Aravisian, another volunteer in this forum.

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Okay, thanks for your help!

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Ok first I need to know what is Birman's Layout, Is it for typing Russian or inputting symbols? Is it just a keyboard layout?

Do you have gnome tweaks installed?

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

The Birman layout is available for both Russian and English. It is needed in order to type third level characters by holding down Alt GR. For example, pressing Alt GR and - (minus at the top of the keyboard) in the Birman's layout would give a long dash "—", and pressing Alt Gr + < would give «, etc.


I have

Opening Tweaks, then Keyboard & Mouse > click the Additional Layout Options button.
Click the Right Arrow for Alt/Win key behavior and select alt and meta are alt
Then click the right arrow for Key to choose the 3rd level


I found this webiste

Is it right? If so, it still doesn't work.
Or should I reboot?

You might reboot, yes.

Beyond that, I have no idea. I was following along the thread as stumped as everyone else.

Okay, I'll reboot and let you know if anything changes


I read so many articles on Birmans layout but still have almost no idea what it was, I just read the Gnome Layout switch. I also saw on Ubuntu Forums that they were suggesting @Aravisian idea.

Can you link to it? Maybe there is more helpful information there.
Because examining Gnome Tweak Tool was as far as I got. :expressionless:

I didn't find anything useful tho, I also added the Biman Layout and also logged out and logged in. I don't think it worked.


I have seen the question before, though it does not come up often. And I never have solved it in the past, either.
I also have noticed that any information you find in the way of suggestions is always quite old and most relevant to around Ubuntu 10.04 to 14.04