Alternative for xkill

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I know it's a stupid question, I have Googled it, but I didn't find any solid answer.
Is there any alternative xkill command for Wayland?
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not a solution ,but i searched and found this

makes me think ...

also according to AI ...


@14nd, in regards to this opinion piece,

Indeed, the realities and absolute frustration of it are a big part of my decision to no longer show support for Zorin OS, which has also switched to Defaulting to Wayland and pressuring users to adopt the Developers status quo.

Wayland operates differently from X, in which X manages using a server and Wayland depends on the compositor to manage these actions through a coupled API. This can dump the management onto the client-side, instead of the window management which actually does not simplify but complicates everything by allowing separate applications to handle things differently from each other (A bit like how Proton Applications will handle things differently from other applications causing inconsistency and confusion.
There is an application called wkill, however documentation on it is scarce and it is primarly used for Qt and Plasma desktop. It does work on Plasma...
In Gnome D.E. like Zorin OS, you can use alt+F2 and enter r to reload the desktop which will be similar to killing unresponsive applications.
These would be "similar workarounds" rather than alternatives-to...

While certainly we can all carry opinions that differ, having one persons opinions enforced on everyone else is demonstrated by this long list of reduced functionality and user controls that affects all users, not just those who may have had a preference.

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I've already posted a Tutorial on how to turn this compositor garbage off.

The fundamentals of GNU/Linux has always been freedom to do what you want with your computer. This changed when developers started embedding poor choices, preventing freedom of choice on your system (systemd, pulse audio, and now Wayland). And let's not forget the old adage "All that glitters is not gold"; that shiny cowpat was down to the cow eating something it shouldn't!

On a further side note, in latest edition of Linux Format Magazine there is coverage of all Ubuntu 24.04 variants, and notably, Kubuntu 24.04 does not ship with Wayland, nor does it come with Plasma 6 but the more stable and versatile Plasma 5.27.

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It doesn't come with Plasma 6 because P6 wasn't early enough ready so that it could land in Kubuntu. As far as I know it should come later.

Well, surprising, 6 came out end of February and KDE neon uses Jammy repositories, so perhaps not ready for 24.04.

KDE Neon comes directly from KDE. So, they can update her own Desktop Environment. They have the Concept of an LTS Distro Base (which is Ubuntu and there was only Ubuntu 22 LTS) with an up-to-date Desktop - like Linux Mint with Cinnamon. But Kubuntu don't follow this Concept. They have LTS System Base and LTS Desktop Environment.

If I remember right from an Article it was so: For Ubuntu it gave a Deadline, a specific Date to bring in new Packages. And Plasma 6 came ... 7 or 10 Days too late. Something like that. And that is the Reason because Kubuntu doesn't have Plasma 6 now.

I prefer 5.27! :wink:

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In short or long Time it will disappear.