Am I missing something?

After installing Pro 16, I went to Power in Settings and do not have on ac- only battery. I do not see the "lid" option there. I look under "Display" and is not there.When I close the lid the screen do not go to suspend or lock. Where is the lid option?.

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Looks like this ? I don't have it either and i am behind my laptop.

Sorry, I do not understand German. Yo may have different version

That's not German it is Dutch.


Regardless of screen language, those words above are true, i.e. no lid switch setting can be found in Settings>Power.

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That's why i posted the shot for him. Zorin does not have it and Pop! OS does not either. I am not sure if ubuntu or gnome removed it IF it was even there in the past.

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Perhaps vot he is trying to say is that is vos present in Zorin 15.3.

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Not in Zorin 15.3 or 16 or ... :wink:

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In Zorin OS 15.3 Lite, I have the following:

Under the Laptop Lid drop-down list, I have:

  • Switch off display
  • Suspend
  • Lock screen
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@Dave Yes Lite (xfce) may be different from Core (gnome) in this respect.
The OP has Core (gnome).

@janusz There are others that have asked the same Lid Switch question on the forum in the recent past, if you search here with "lid switch" you will notice some previous conversations on the subject.

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IIRC you can try and install Gnome Tweaks from the software store. I think you can adjust the lid settings there. Or it was in TLPUI...


Sorry, but I only speak 4 languages, Polish, English, truck driver and sailor


I have not tried this myself, but this post describes use of gnome tweaks to set lid switch setting in Core:

I don't know what option choices you may be offered by that Power extension.

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