Why isn't "lid close" option in power settings in Zorin 16 core?

I'm was expecting to see close lid options in power settings, but it's not there. I'm not alone to see this being illogical, perhaps there is a reason? Please point me to the right direction searching for "lid" in settings brings nothing.

It isn't there in the setting app....GNOME either removed it or it never existed. You can install gnome-tweaks, where you can change the behaviour

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks


the GNOME desktop which Zorin uses does some stupid decisions sometimes, that's the reason lol

the option works just fine, and is included within the Gnome-Tweaks app, which can be found either in the Software Center, or manually installed through the following command in a Terminal:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks -y

Thank you, that answers my question well :slight_smile:
Still gnome tweaks allows only one option - no hibernate nor shutdown :woozy_face:

Uhhhh....I never said "GNOME[..]does some stupid decisions sometimes".
You wanted to quote @TGRush , perhaps?

I corrected the post in order to reduce thread confusion.

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