AMD or NVIDIA for ZorinOS

What would you recommend? I am about to buy a graphics card for the office PC and want best driver support both in Windows and Linux.

Gday @etkaar ,
It's a personal choice in the end ( with specs in mind)
Zorin have a vast range of proprietary drivers for both AMD & NVIDIA .

Try here may help,

My personal choice would be Intel or Nvidia - strange as that may seem.

Why would it be strange? Because of the or?

I indeed thought about Intel Arc too, but when I see that even a 12400 is not working in Zorin OS out of the box I am in doubt ... :frowning:

Nvidia has a long history of bickering with and snubbing Linux.
That situation has improved a great deal, though.

AMD, in the meantime, is a stakeholder and donates to Linux and promotes FOSS. Yet... In spite of these nice words... I see more AMD troubles than any other GPU.

How much graphics performance does your office need?

I need either two DP ports or one DP and one HDMI port and the graphics card must be able to handle 2 x 4K. Currently I am using the UHD Graphics 730 (from an i5-12400) which is fine, even for games like Counter-Strike: Source. Is the graphics card faster than that (and offers the required ports), this will be totally reasonable.

It is more the driver support, as I am very sensitive to tearing or such things.

My Ryzen 5 2400G had more trouble on Windows. :thinking:

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According to the spec sheet, i5-12400's iGPU can use two 4K displays.

You're right and it works perfectly – in Windows. In Linux however no luck, see: Zorin OS not working with integrated Alder Lake GPU

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I've been using a Ryzen 7 with integrated AMD Radeon GPU and Nvidia GPU. I've had more issues with the nvidia than anything else.


But it worked in the end :wink:

I've always choose Nvidia. Only high end cards xx70-xx80.

I didn't have a choice with my laptop...1661ti isn't a bad card, not the best either.

Thank you for all the feedback. Seems the community is quite active!

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As well as diversely opinionated. :wink:

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