AMD Radeon RX 560 / Graphics Look Horrible! Please HELP!


I just spent a good portion of the day trying to get Zorin OS 16 installed and finally got it working. However the install screens and now the main Zorin screens look terrible. The graphics part looks pretty good like the Desktop picture, but ALL fonts look horrible. They are barely readable. According to Zorin the AMD Radeon drivers are already supported, so my screen should look razor sharp. If I could figure out how to take a screen shot in the OS and attach it here I would do so, but I don't see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've never worked in Linux before so I wanted to try this out before buying the Pro version. Since it's only $39 bucks I don't mind upgrading, but I'd like to first play around in it. I can't really do that because everything looks so bad. Please help!

Quick update. I just used Firefox to go over to Youtube to try and find a solution, and when I play a video it looks very sharp and perfect. It's all the text/fonts that are garbled.

A good example of how test-driving first really is the way to go. :wink:

You should be able to take a screenshot by bapping the PrtScrn key. It will save to your pictures. In your Post Reply window, you should see a toolbar at the top. It should have a talk-bubble, a B for bold, an I for Italics... You will see an Image Icon that looks like a double peak mountain. Click that to upload an Image to the thread.

Hi, I just wanted to point out that the Pro version is essentially the same as Core version.

It has some additional desktop designs and pre-installed applications but you can also install them easily from Software on the Core version.

Most of us purchase Pro version in lieu of the donation to the developer.

As for your font problem, could you check the Zorin Appearance to see which fonts are currently in use?

Thank you Aravisian, I attempted the printscreen function, but then couldn't figure out where to paste it. I'm back over in Win 10 for the moment. I thought maybe I needed to download and install motherboard drivers? Because I also noticed I have no functioning sound in Zorin.

Yes, FrenchPress, I will check that as well. Heading back over to Zorin now. Thank you for your help!

Here's what the font screen you mentioned looks like on my end.

The major difference between Windows and Linux is the requirement for drivers. While Windows requires m/b specific drivers, Linux kernel has many drivers already built in. A few exceptions are graphics card and some network card due to a lack of source code, but there is a way to install them in Linux as well.

Perhaps we can tackle your sound issue after we fix your fonts?
I think it would be a bit annoying to do it with a corrupted font display.

I am bit puzzled.
The screen shot looks perfectly normal to me.
Am I missing something?

Sounds great! It's funny. I logged into the forum on my Samsung S9+ and when I look at my own uploaded and mangled screenshot hoping to show you the fonts it looks perfectly sharp on my phone. ?

Hmm... So the view is blurred on the monitor but the screen shot comes out clear. Mysterious.
@Aravisian, have you ever experienced such phenomenon?

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Well, I started with the most simple idea first... the obvious... I went and cleaned my glasses with soap and water! Lol, The fonts still look terrible for some reason.

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Your fonts are set to default.
You could change them any other fonts to your liking.
Just click on the each font you wish to change. There will be a list of available fonts.

Can you take a picture, like with a Camera phone - of your screen? It won't be perfect but...

I am wondering: Monitor or Cable to Monitor, at the moment.

That's exactly what I was trying to do, but my file is too big. Working on that now.

A part of the mystery was solved:

I will try to remember suggesting a soap and water next time :wink:


I crop mine with an image editor when that happens... You don't need the whole screen, just a clear section that shows what you need to show.

Or use Nomacs (available at Software) to reduce image size. It is much simpler than GIMP.

I took a picture with my phone. Let's see how this looks...

It's almost like part of the letters almost disappear or squeeze into the other letters. When I switch over to Windows 10 it's perfect, so I'm puzzled.

Much as I would like to help you, it is 1 AM where I live.
I am afraid I cannot continue.
I hope @Aravisian could find a solution for you.

Holy smokes! It's late! Well thanks for trying, I really appreciate it!

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