An Important Operating System Update Failed to be Installed

It's in the title. ^

This is the message I get every time I log into Zorin, since updating from 16 Pro to 17 Pro. When I run an update in Software, or in the OS updater in Settings, I am told that everything is up to date. Everything seems to be running alright as well, except for the fact that my email client (Bluemail) now crashes on launch. I don't know if the two are related, but I'm trying to see if the installation message can be fixed, and if that might happen to fix the email issue. Since this is my work 'top, it makes email access somewhat important.

Thanks for taking a look!

If the Bluemail client has a very specific dependency that was also upgraded, it's possible this may be causing the issue. I would suggest to re-install it, see if that makes a difference. Make sure you backup all your configuration and email data, first just in case.

Thank you! Do you have any idea about that message, though? How do I make sure that all updates are installed properly?

I can only guess, but I think this may be related to how Bluemail was installed initially. If you open a terminal (search for it in the application menu) and run:

snap list

Do you see Bluemail listed there? If not, try with flatpak list and, ultimately, which bluemail.

It's actually important so that you can use this later in the Software Store: right under the install button you should see a drop down with different sources to install from. Ideally, you want to keep using whatever was working before. But you can always use any of the other two. I would suggest sticking to the one that appears as "Zorin OS" which refers to the native package format used by the distribution.

Ah, thank you.

This is an OS update that the message refers to, though... Nothing Bluemail related. I just thought perhaps if something in the OS didn't install correctly, that could be the missing dependency.

Run this in the terminal:

sudo apt update

If no errors, then proceed with:

sudo apt upgrade

If no errors, then it's most likely an issue not with the OS but with the runtimes used by snap and flatpak packages. Given that you already are experiencing issues with that, it's likely the case.

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The message is still there. Must be a flatpack thing. I try to stay away from snap. Thank you very much!

Could be, but maybe not. My reasoning was that after the upgrade the runtimes needed by these two containerized package formats (snap and flatpak) may no longer be supported, thus showing the error (in other words, this is just pure speculation on my part).

However, there are similar threads that show this same message, one of them pointing to a firmware issue. Please take a look and see if you can follow the same steps to resolve it: