Any updates on 16?

Hi all, I've been curious about Zorin OS 16. Looking forward to the release, but I'm wondering if @zorink or @AZorin have any info or estimated release date since I haven't heard about it yet, and since I last checked there's been no new blog post either. Regardless, I wish the Zorin devs good luck with the release when it happens.

Whilst no public release date has been notified, you can find out more here: The Road to Zorin 16
Also: Zorin 16 where are you?

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Right now, I much prefer...

Stimulus 2021, Where Are You?

But that topic has nothing to do with Zorin OS. Having said that however, the stimulus has been weighing heavily on me, as of late.

Patience is a virtue in which I lack, however, I do try lol

Same here. It's been kinda disappointing hearing the release was supposedly delayed, and no response from Arytom after asking about helping beta test 16. From reading the replies in The Road to Zorin OS 16 I'd assume Kyrill will likely do the same, but to be fair I don't know the Zorin brothers personally so I can't really make a fair judgement.

I'm not sure why they'd want to be silent about releases though... Perhaps they don't want feedback (which seems rather unlikely), maybe they want to build hype, I don't know. I'm not one to question them as it's out of my hands.

Regardless, I just hope they give us an insight into the developmental stages to let us know that indeed, there is a new version in the works and it is indeed going to be released for beta testing on <date>. Seriously guys, is that too much to ask? I love Zorin, but I fear due to the lack of involvment and information to their fans I may end up moving on later down the line. I really hope it doesn't come to that, as it's such a good OS.


Yep, agreed 100%. More then likely, I'll be on POP OS before the full release of OS16 happens.

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I really like these two lines because the dichotomy of opinions really nails down the diversity in the crowd that the ZorinGroup needs to address.
I will undoubtedly be using Zorin OS 16, for if the final release is as blazing fast and impressive as Zorin OS 16 is, I could not turn it down.
However, StarTrekkers point of "Pop_OS! serves well enough, I am willing to forgo Z16" sends a Powerful message to the ZorinGroup: That releasing a Good Product is in itself not enough.
A good well-rounded experience can weigh more than a good final product that lacked essentials communication.

I have not been using Zorin OS 15 for a while, now. I really had every reason to believe that I would not be using Zorin OS 16.


I agree 100% once again with Aravisian. And your absolutely right, it isn't good enough to simply create a good product.

The lack of transparancy, the lack of communication, well, it felt like dealing with politicians in government. And this creates a lack of trust in the developers.

If you recall, I've made my opinions very well known, about other people's complacency with using Windows10. How could I live with myself, if I didn't practice what I teach?

I'm sorry, I really wish I had more positive opinions and things to say about the Zorin team. But what I have experienced, follows more along the line of a major corporation.

And as my final note on the subject, I will not be complacent like Windows users are. I won't sit idly by and just take it. And so ya, I got to move on, and I will.

And while I do wish the Zorin team well and all, I really hope they learn something from all this. Because I am not the only one who is leaving Zorin OS, just look at the other posts from others.

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Well, I finally got a long PM back from Artyom (I didn't PM Kyrill) and I've been informed it's an unstable alpha build of which I shouldn't share, which seems to be the same as what you guys got in the last thread I linked to.

Hopefully my last message got a point across that we need more communication from Artyom and Kyrill. Whilst I do believe I was a bit harsh with them in this thread, I'm not sure if it's undeserved or not... Maybe it was the threat of leaving their OS for another distro that scared them. Rightfully so too, as I've been using and loving Zorin for over a year now and really don't want to leave it as my daily driver (on my laptop, anyways).

Regardless, hopefully I'll be able to keep using Zorin for a while longer. And hopefully the Zorin OS Devs can be a bit more open about their development and assure us that the project isn't dead.

You are not the only one that has had this thought...

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Definitely not. I understand they are busy developing software for the community (for free) which is far outside of my technical abilities. I know I couldn't develop software on that scale! I know only 25% of the command line's abilities so I feel obligated to be nice to them as they're doing this for nothing and (not to mention) I have no current way to support them financially.

Therefore I don't want to be rude to them considering the time and effort they put into this, and all they get from me is hearing "Loving the OS! When's the next version coming out?".

I believe I'll be buying Ultimate later down the line so I can support them and say thanks for all the times I used their great software. Who knows, Zorin may stay my top choice for a long time.

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I understand the team is small, overworked, etc...
Wouldn't be a bad idea, I would think to have a weekly chat with their moderators so they can get a feel from the community. Or as in this case, feedback from the users who purchase the product.
When 16 comes out, we will all be happy and move on to the next topic.
I can see both sides, and common ground needs to be reached.

I am with you guys. I used before Manjaro ( awesome community, you can talk with devs in forum ,getting help etc, best forum for linux distro) . But than I saw Zorin OS. I really like it on first, best ever looking distro, no issues with Beta 16. But this forum is kinda , not completely dead. No response from devs, you dont know if work is active or not. I also planned to buy Ultimate version, but in this case I am still in doubt. I rather want to support smaller distro . But we need something back. Even weekly thread or something from devs :slight_smile: I dont want to tag devs or moderators here, I hope someone will saw this post.

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