Any way to see tws earphone charge

I use tws earphones that need to be charged is there any way i can know the battery percentage on zorin 16. When i was a windos user it was available in connected devices bluetooth. Its not there in zorin


YES, In Settings POWER...

OS will also notify you when battery is very low too!


Didn't know such a feature. Thanks @StarTreker. I was planning to buy a TWS which I can use with my laptop.


no its not visible, The power tab shows my stylus' battery % and thats it, It doesnt even show my mouse


OK, the thing with the built in POWER options in the OS, is it mainly works with hardware that it supports, and it doesn't support everything, for providing you the percentage readout information.

It is possible to get battery information in terminal. HOLD CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

upower --dump

Also, this guy claims that he has created a GUI APP that can read the battery levels of any bluetooth connected device, but I haven't tested it.


The terminal method is not working i will try the app and update


nope it doesnt work


I think I also made a tutorial to show how to show Battery Life of Bluetooth Deviceson the gnome menu(status), well not me @FrenchPress.


Its also indeed possible that your bluetooth headphones do not support providing battery level feedback through the wireless connection. Like I said, not all device support, or are supported in that regard.

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no it is it shows it on android and windows

i found a temporary solution

it only works in terminal but still it shows the battery percentage accurately

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oh it worked thank you


Yes I did see that, but I am always very wary about recommending scripts. Cause you never know the person who wrote it, and scripts can be used to make someone download virus's, or give control of their system to hackers, you just never know. Unless the person who wrote the script can be 100% verified, its not a gamble I am willing to take.

And if its a risk I am not willing to take, then I am not willing to recommend it. Since you are taking the leap willingly and of your own volition, that is up to you. But I hope that you respect the fact that I wanted to protect you in that regard.

And hey, the script might be completely 100% innocent and nothing wrong with it whatsoever, and I could be worrying about absolutely nothing. But like I said, I like to air on the side of caution when it comes to scripts from other's I don't know.

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oh are extensions like that too? I just installed the extension

Is this a reply to @StarTreker? You can view the code if you want, it's on GitHub

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Thats one of the reasons why I love Github, you can't hide in secret when it comes to open source. Everybody has the right to review the code. And if somebody in the community see's something that is not right, it gets pulled off of Github.

I feel a lot more secure on Github, then I do initiating someone set of scripts that I do not know what will be the true result of, cause there's really know way to know, especially when a script makes you download something from some 3rd party untrusted server.


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