Anyway to stop Firefox extensions being removed by other users?

Since , zorin uses flatpak version of firefox , so policies.json can be modified by non sudoers. is there anyother use policies.json file .i tried reinstalling firefox through apt , but snap version got downloaded

Try installing from Software and see if there is a drophdown arrow option for Zorin (APT) version. Personally whereever possible I remove snap and flatpak post install.

this is only flatpak and snap version

Although Firefox apt is shown in Software Store for Z16.x , I thought only Flatpak was listed in Software Store for Z17.x, but possible to install via deb from Mozilla as shown here: Firefox is Finally Providing Deb Package for Debian and Ubuntu Users

Is FF apt is now back in the Z17.x Software Store as an apt?, please confirm, as many will be interested to learn.

EDIT: I think nemi108 has answered that question whilst I was typing.

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Because canonical had relented I was wrongly assuming it was also in the Software channel, but not checked myself. It is easy enough to install by downloading the .tar.gz fike from Firefox website. I posted a video about it on my Vimeo channel.

I would recommend using the official repository that Mozilla has recently setup.


To add something to the Link: The Mozilla-own Repo is in the linked Thread in the last Comment. The first One with the mozillateam PPA is not a Mozilla Repo.

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Good point, I've added the link above as well for good measure.

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If you mean that others use the computer with another account, why not just removing the default permission for others to Firefox folder?

How to do that

Open the file manager > Home > Show hidden files (from options button on title bar) > open .var/app > Properties (by right-clicking org.mozilla.firefox) > on Permissions, give no permission to others. You can give no permission only to some files if you prefer, if you know which ones you don't want to be touched by others.

one more issue is there , policies.json is not working in flatpak, in which directory i should save policies.json

I'm actually not sure how Firefox handles internal files but aren't extensions specific to user profiles? As long as the profiles are properly isolated through permissions, it shouldn't be possible to change them. For a .deb package anyway, I don't know if there are any differences with Flatpak in that regard.

I don't know, I never suggested moving files, just denying permissions to other users.

Well, unless specified, I suggested denying permissions to the Firefox folder thinking to user accounts (of the computer), not Firefox users' profiles.