Firefox is Finally Providing Deb Package for Debian and Ubuntu Users

Ah, Snap! Firefox is Finally Providing Deb Package for Debian and Ubuntu Users

Mozilla Firefox has a new native package available for Linux.
Snap for Firefox

That is a badly worded title, mentioning "Snap" in same breath as deb !

There was a previous thead on the subject of FF .deb a few days ago: Firefox Back to .deb on Ubuntu Based Distros


Sorry I just copied the title :zipper_mouth_face:

Mike, that was no cricism of you. You just quoted the badly worded itsfoss article title. They should know better :slight_smile:


One thing I wish, is that articles wouldn't use clickbait to try and draw your attention. If its something I am interested in, I will read the article, no amount of clickbait will make me want to read it though, if I am not interested in the first place. YouTube titles are the same way, far too much clickbait going on, and stupid looking fish faces in the thumbnail.

But YouTube says they have to do all that to draw attention. Interesting, because back when cable TV was still a thing, I don't remember news just in updates doing any of that BS. We just live in a different time now, its all about driving engagement, get you to read the new latest articles, and they make money off you from the ads shown to you on that site.

I find it funny how my ad blocker never actually blocks any ads it seems these days, I'm sure the ad blocker apps have been bought and paid for by the advertising agencies, to insure it lets their ads through. I could do without the catchy title, just say what it is and move on. Glad I don't have to be an article writer, cause if thats what I have to do to draw engagement to my articles, saying stuff like ohhhhhh snap! I just rather not.

Additionally, FireFox isn't what it once was, there are many sites that Firefox doesn't display websites properly on. And if you don't believe me, Luke on the Linus Tech Tips WAN show, has also talked about his experience with this as well. Chrome is a much better browser, has compatibility with all sites it seems, and I believe the open source version Chromium, to be better as well.


Firefox's market share has shrunk to alarmingly low levels, while the rest of the browsers have adopted the Chromium web engine (Blink, I think it's called). This makes it far easier to develop websites that work on Chromium whereas supporting Firefox has become a niche market.

However, there's a reason why we have web standards, which Firefox follows. Most websites showing you a banner saying that you have an unsupported browser are basically full of it, they are just reading your user agent string and inferring from it what browser you're using. Try changing this to Chrome and you'll see how many of those websites magically start working again.
This is also true of operating systems. I often use this trick to tell websites I'm running Windows instead of Linux in order to bypass such levels of incompetence.

And even if there are valid cases where certain browsers haven't implemented certain features (and this goes both was for Firefox and Chromium), web developers should account for this and introduce progressive enhancement. But since the web these days is all about loading a million scripts from all over the place, this becomes an afterthought at best.

EDIT: If you are in the EU and have an IPhone, or know someone who has one, you'll be able to test this real soon as Apple will finally allow browser vendors to bring their own web engines. To this date, browsers in their platform were just wrappers over Safari's web engine, WebKit.

EDIT2: From DeviantArt, a direct link to Google Chrome's page:

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Cheers Zabadabadoo "phew! :wink:

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