Firefox Back to .deb on Ubuntu Based Distros

Notice on today's Firefox update release notes that .deb packages are back.

Firefox now ships with a new .deb package for Linux users on Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux Mint.


I just installed from .deb on my Z17 V-Box per the instructions. Not as easy as downloading a .deb yet.

When I had read the News in the Past that Mozilla builds his own Repository I found that good. I decided to wait until they add the Firefox stable Version. Till now they had only Firefox Nighty and Firefox Beta.

The little Guide that they describe at the Website is okay, but I will see if there come some Youtube Videos who show the Process and then I will add the Repo.

I hope there will be a binary package like Chrome and Opera installable from the software application in the future. Been using the Firefox ESR ppa since the snap edition was released on some distros. ESR is based on older builds of Firefox and updates less frequently.

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Maybe Zorin add the Mozilla Repo at some Point in the Future with a Point Version. That would be a good Thing I would say. But for now I try do it by myself.

I dont see it likely being listed in the Software Store just yet. It would be really nice if that was to happen Or maybe Z17.1 gets shipped with the deb version, at some future point in time. If either, let me know :slight_smile:

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