Apps run by terminal commands

Have you tried this command in terminal?


You can change the city name anything you like.
Very handy when your weather widget got crashed :wink:

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Cool It shows the weather of my location.

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Now you have something to show off to your friend.

Perhaps I should create a thread for how to do such tricks on Linux terminal :slight_smile:

They would just show me how to open the weather app on their phone.

sudo apt install sl


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You can also install Terminal on your Android phone.

I use it to SSH into my desktop from the other part of the house.

Already use one, I'm also thinking of installing a custom ROM on my phone, but my parent's banking app is on my phone and rooting a phone might cause the app to not work.

Watch Star Wars in terminal:


Already tried it, FUN FACT it was the first command I tried LMAO. Was a little disappointed when there wasn't any audio, but it was still cool.

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I created a new thread. :star2:

sudo apt install cmatrix



That is Classic along with sl.


There's also cowsay and fortune. As well as insult mode for the terminal password.

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I was looking for this site. I found it back again.

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Yes, Jeslin, I see that click. Considering you were discussing Terminal Easter Eggs just a few days ago...

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