Ask Zorin to change their logo

Hi there.

Anyone able to ask to the Zorin devs to change their logo?

Since Zoringroup support Ukraine, their current logo unfortunately truly looks like the Russian logo on all their tanks and military vehicles.

So, it could be vise to change it.

Tanks to forward to Zorin.

King regards.

Yep, we live in VERY WEIRD times....

Hamilton Ontario Horror GIF

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Proof or it didn't happen.

I would opine that it does not look anything like the Tall "Z" set in a vertical rectangle seen on some tanks.


And for Zorro? lol

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... seriously?


Been playing some of CS:GO lately and people are kicking Russian players out becasue... well, "they're Russian", or US high ranks wanting to remove Russian students from Uni of the same reason.
So go imagine...
Next thing you know Ukrainians and other Slavic countries will be forbidden to speak out loud because it sounds too familiar to Russian.


People don't want war. The !@#$% Politicians do!

I have read so many Russian books. All of the authors reflect the social life of the people and the Russians aren't bad at all....according to the books the politicians are the devil. Most Russian authors were arrested or tortured for this. Many books didn't even get published and even if they did..They were published years later.


Yeah, I bet some people are suddenly turning on their long-time Russian neighbors just because... bah, not even worth giving these people any attention.

I noticed this forum is hosted using nginx, which was created by a Russian. Should we take it all down, along with half of the internet too?


Americans forget the way they found the country they live in and how they treated those residents. Ahh don’t get me started

War isn’t pretty


I think that is a bit silly, I highly doubt anyone is going to change their logo because the Russians put Z on their tanks and vehicles.

But it didn't take long for this thread to devolve into nonsense. It should most likely be locked...


Changed to Chat about Zorin

Possibly, but at this time, no one has made any directed personal attacks against each other.
It is noted how stereotyping and judgement is passed by one group onto another group.
Much like the response to people from Asia living in the USA after Covid broke.

what about if zorin is Russian distro?

I understand Zorin bros heritage is Ukraine.

of course I talked about the original post, I replied with that question, I know that zorin is Ireland distro

Irish with Ukrainian ancestry. I suppose, being that I live in the United States; I am well accustomed to us all being mutts of varied ancestry and one common claim of heritage.
They are not, however, Russian.

Even if they were... I stand in strong agreement with the proposition that Russian people are not to blame, nor should be stereotyped into one category. Yandex, for example, has stood out against the Ukrainian invasion.
This is no different from Americans that disagree with or speak against Foreign Policies acted upon by the US Government.
Or people from the middle east speaking out against Terrorism and promoting the peaceful tolerance of Islam.

The Root of war usually comes down to Money. Not to race or even ideology.
Introducing hatred into war only prolongs it.


No that's absurd

It's not like the Nazi + type symbol (which was stolen by the way) Zorin is the last name of the founders who made their logo from scratch and just because it looks similar to the Z on the movie Zorro does it mean they get influence or trying to have anything to do with the movie? no

So they wouldn't be trying to look like the Russian military

u r right , but also the root of Support and sympathy usually comes down to money,personal interests for some countries. why the world (Europe and USA etc) and the word organizations do that with only Ukraine , and they don't that with Palestine ,Iraq, sir-ya,Afghanistan and Myanmar, I remember that when arsenal football club punished ozil(football player) for his sympathy with Uyghurs, and any football player was doing that, he was punished from FIFA, because it's against FIFA law, look at FIFA now and premiere league,(to be honest except celtic football fans Scotland which supported Palestine)

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