Audio and Mic issues on Zorin OS Pro Lite Lenovo Thinkpad T495


First of all, disclaimer, that I am a little bit new to Linux distros.

I own Lenovo Thinkpad T495 and have installed Zorin OS 16 Pro-Lite on it and stumbled upon a problem with audio and microphone.

The audio quality is way worse and much more silent than in windows, probably due to post-processing software installed there, are there any alternatives for Xfce?

Also, in general, my audio is listenable and pretty clear however, if I jump on a call via Gmeets, zoom, or any other browser-based video conference application the other person's sound is crackling and robotic.

Youtube or any other browser-based audio is acceptable except for the low-quality issue mentioned above.

I have tried to fix it with alsamixer and PulseAudio, but I cannot make it to work, perhaps I am doing smth badly, not sure.

Another issue I have is that my mic has insane static noise issues, probably I need to install some kind of noise/static suppression driver/app, perhaps anyone has any suggestions or could help?

That notebook is certified for Ubuntu 18.04 - I would suggest you give Zorin 15.3 Lite a go in live mode and see if that is better? Zorin 15.3 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and 16 is based on 20.04.

I'm not sure if this will help, but I had some sound issues recently and found some helpful info here:

Good luck with the hunt!

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