Authentification refuse my password

I installed Zorin OS 16 yesterday, so sorry but it will probably be a beginners question. During install I was ask to set a password, which I did. Now I'm trying to install something from the store, and it refuse my password (i know my password) at the Authentication windows. I read I might not be admin, but I also read sudo is good also. I have sudo, try to add admin, but got refuse. Help me.

Screenshot from 2021-09-02 12-22-34

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Now I see the problem.

You should add

before this command.

Ask me for my password, then said "Sorry try again"

I remember setting a password at install, I'm sure I'm using the same password.

If it is a fresh install - I would actually encourage you to re-install Zorin OS.
The reason why is, you have nothing to lose.
It allows the easiest and most direct route to ensuring that the installation is set up for your admin privileges and password. Please remember that you will be using that password often.


Just finish doing that. I guess I made a mistake setting my password the 1st time, IDK. Brain f@rt. Everything works now. Thanks.


Mark @Aravisian answer as Solution

Also remember that almost everything in Linux (unlike Windows) is case sensitive.

I did that for him :slight_smile:
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